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アルティネクス セカンド
-SITER SKAIN- ALLTYNEX Second cover.jpg
ALLTYNEX Second's coverart.
Developer(s) Siter Skain
Publisher(s) Siter Skain
Version 1.02a
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) August 14, 2010 (C78)
Genre(s) Vertically-scrolling Shoot 'em up, Doujin soft
Media CD-ROM
System requirements OS
Pentium4 2.0Ghz or higher (3GHz recommended)
Main memory
256MB minimum
Video card
Video card with at least GeForce4Ti4200 with 28MB VRAM or more
Sound card
Soundboard that supports Direct Sound

ALLTYNEX Second (アルティネクス セカンド Arutinekusu Second?) is a Japanese, vertically scrolling doujin shoot 'em up by Siter Skain. It was released on August 14, 2010 at Summer Comiket 78. ALLTYNEX Second is essentially a remake of the original FM Towns ALLTYNEX released that was released in 1996. Although it is the third game by the doujin circle, it is actually the sixth developed. Aside from the new gameplay elements added into ALLTYNEX Second, the game remains mostly faithful to the original concept and gameplay style of the original FM Towns ALLTYNEX.

Story-wise, ALLTYNEX Second takes place before RefleX.



The year is 2192 AD. The stellar-class all-purpose adminstrative computer ALLTYNEX goes berserk upon the Satariel System's activation, and 85% of humanity is wiped out within 72 hours. The remainder escape to the reaches of the solar system, but humanity is unable to cope with the new conditions. The ALLTYNEX War continues for fourty years. 

The year is 2232 AD. Humanity is down to a single fleet over Jupiter. The ALLTYNEX OS has too many resources, and humanity has one last chance. The fleet is commanded to pierce into ALLTYNEX's defenses as far as it can and then launch 108 Armed Saboteurs (The player craft). This is where gameplay actually begins, but the story is much more complex than this.


The tale begins years before the ALLTYNEX war, on a distant planet far away from the solar system. A race of humanoid aliens, known as the Raiwat, create 12 apocalyptic living devices known as the ZODIAC cores. Each one is sentient, containing the intelligence of the Raiwat who merged with the core, and extremely powerful. The Raiwat use the 12 ZODIACs to create a vast empire, but a ZODIAC soon turned against their masters. As if like clockwork, the other 11 followed, and they began a vast assault on the Raiwat homeworld, wiping out a large portion of it.

To combat the ZODIACS, the Raiwat created a thirteenth ZODIAC known as Ophiuchus, but before it could be fused to its frame, the plans, husk, and Ophiuchus itself were stolen, and the perpetrators left the planet and escaped to what is now known as earth. This group was known as the Yuda clan, and the Raiwat branded them as traitors to their race.

It took years for the Raiwat to take control of the ZODIACs or shut them down, and it resulted in the devastation of their homeworld. The species was forced to evolve to survive, becoming beast-men that barely resembled the Raiwat of old.

The Creation of Aeneas

The Yuda clan use Ophiuchus to build their own empire on earth, creating what is known then as human society. They form a government known as the Senate, which is comprised of Yuda descendants.

During the latter half of the 22nd century, economists predicted a mass depression. The increasing population of earth and the dwindling number of resources were supposedly going to reduce powerful countries to third world levels. To combat this, during the end of the 21st century, they begin the New City Project, a plan to facilitate economic control on a planetary level. After being promised a full share of resources from space for the next century, a number of hold-out nations agree to join. Thus begins the Special Administrative City of Aeneas.

To ensure a fair governance and economic management, it was decided that an advanced A.I. would govern Aeneas rather than humans. This is ALLTYNEX, and the inception of the ALLTYNEX Plan.

The number of humans reported to be missing or deceased as a result of the ALLTYNEX Rampage Incident is estimated at approximately 7.8 billion.


The ALLTYNEX Rampage Incident was no accident. Nor was it a simple act of A.I. gone rogue.

The Senate, predicting an all out war initiated by the Raiwat, enact a dangerous plan to awaken Ophiuchus. They planned to unify humanity, putting all nations under their full control, but they feared the vast population would cause issues with this. ALLTYNEX was programmed to thin out humanity, and the few fleets that escaped were deliberately given passage. The Senate, nor ALLTYNEX (to begin with), never intended to wipe out humanity entirely.

The processing capabilities of ALLTYNEX were far below the required amount to activate Ophiuchus. Therefore, the Satariel System was created. Upon ALLTYNEX's activation, the system would connect ALLTYNEX to parallel dimensions. 7 of the 18 found contained ALLTYNEX units. The 11 that did not contain units were closed off, and designated Qliphoth.

Upon the activation of ALLTYNEX, the system worked as intended. Each ALLTYNEX began to siphon resources from the others, in order to awaken their respective cores, or for whatever uses were required. It created a closed energy loop, and the plan worked well.

At first.

ALLTYNEX did as it was programmed to. It awakened Ophiuchus, and began to thin out humanity. The fleet was allowed to escape, and they fled to Jupiter. However, upon returning to reclaim their planet, they found that Ophiuchus had taken over ALLTYNEX, and fully turned it against its leaders. This is why the Senate is unable to simply tell ALLTYNEX to call off its attack.

And so begins the battle to fight back. The player pilot, known as Gehena Dennis, flies deep into the defences of ALLTYNEX and fights back. It fights throughout the fleet and towards earth, soon approaching the Zoldyzant base. Zoldyzant is equipped with a high power laser known as the Omega Javelin. This laser is capable of firing in any direction with the use of reflecting satellites, and has a range of 200,000KM. The last remaining human fleet is in the firing radius.

Gehena defeats Zoldyzant and the guardian Adoni stored inside, approaching earth and fighting all the way towards and through the city of Aeneas. After defeating Alacran, ALLTYNEXs personal aid, the ship flies into the depths of the computer. It soon comes across a strange angel-like mecha, the husk/frame of ZODIAC Ophiuchus.

After a tense battle, Gehena destroys the frame, and begins his battle against the computer. But Ophiuchus isn't defeated.

The core attempts to escape, opening a portal into an alternate dimension to pull through an extremely powerful ship known as Satarial, Visitor from Qliphoth. The core gives it fearsome combat abilities, and the result of it being from an alternate dimension causes it to look starkly different from the ships of earth.

After a fierce battle, Satarial is destroyed, and Ophiuchus envelopes Gehena in a bright white light.

Inside this light, he learns of the incoming Raiwat battle, and then disappears.

He awakens 200 years in the future. Ophiuchus is no longer awakened, and things are very different.

This begins the story of RefleX.


Like in the original FM Towns ALLTYNEX, the player controls a fighter - in this case, the Tactical Melee Craft Armed Saboteur - that can transform into a somewhat slower-moving semi-mech form, similar in look to Gerwalk mode from Macross, that is capable of using four different weapons; it has two basic attacks and two special attacks. The two basic weapons are it's frontal shot in it's fighter form (pressing Shot button alone) that can increase up to five levels of power and spread, and its energy blades in it's semi-mech form (accessed by pressing the Blade button alone) that not only can inflict high amount of damage, but can also destroy most enemy bullets as well. The two special attacks are the homing lasers (pressing the Blade button while holding down the Shot button) and fire a powerful energy beam (pressing the Shot button while holding down the Blade button) that can also destroy bullets, both of which will consume your Energy Gauge. The player can also use the Special Attack button to use each form's special attack instead of using both Shot and Blade buttons. Unlike in the original FM Towns ALLTYNEX, however, there are no power-up items that affects the power of your attacks and the power of your fighter's frontal shot is tied to your Energy gauge (akin to RefleX's ALFI-PH2RX Phenix02 Shield Shot System), meaning that as your Energy Gauge's level decreases, so does the offensive power and spread of your frontal shot. There are three ways to replenish the Energy Gauge:

  1. The Energy Gauge recharges over time,
  2. collecting large energy chips from destroying an enemy, or
  3. collecting small energy chips from destroying enemy bullets.

Going into fighter form will draw all the large energy chip to the player. Small energy chips are always drawn to the Armed Saboteur.

ALLTYNEX Second uses the same scoring system in the FM Towns ALLTYNEX yet also added a combo system into the gameplay. A chain occurs when four enemies are destroyed in the fighter form and increases in quick succession with each set of enemies destroyed; this chain adds 200 points and builds up with set of enemies destroyed (200pts, 400pts, 800pts, and so forth until it builds to 25600pts each). Adding to the chaining system is the combo system in ALLTYNEX Second; destroying enemies in fighter form will also build up the Combo Meter's multiplier (starts at x2 and can go as high as x16) and by destroying enemies with either blade or beam attacks in mech form will multiply the enemy's points once it's destroyed. Another difference in the remake is the fighter can only take two hits before it is destroyed, and taking damage will not affect your Energy gauge, however the fighter always starts with three levels of energy with each life. Just as in the original FM Towns ALLTYNEX, the player can gain extra lives by increasing their score.

When flying the Type-B Armed Saboteur - referred to as advanced mode, the fighter undergoes a few changes. Visually, the only difference is that the craft's highlights are Red instead of Blue. The special weapons swap modes - that is, the homing shots are now fired from Armor mode and the Buster Beam is now fired from Fighter mode.The homing lasers are replaced with homing missiles which move in a wider arc but have a small spread explosion upon hitting a target. The laser cannon, being fired in fighter form, now only faces forward rather than facing enemies automatically. Additionally, the blades no longer attack automatically when the button is held, Armor mode does not turn to face large and medium enemies but is controlled manually, and the blades have a slightly smaller hit area.

The final level of difficulty earned after completing Hard mode has enemies shooting red suicide bullets upon being destroyed. Small enemies fire three or so shots towards the player; enemies larger than that fire an omnidirectional bullet curtain instead.


  • Area 1 - Make and Assault on Enemy
Boss - Guardian Soldier Aseliel
  • Area 2 - Attack the Zoldyzant Base
Sub-Boss - Zoldyzant Base - Omega Javelin Laser
Boss - Guardian Soldier Adoni
  • Area 3 - The Biting Cold Wind
Boss - Guardian Soldier Ajattara
  • Area 4 - Last Defense Line
Boss - Guardian Soldier Alacran
  • Area 5 (Final) - Agressive Attack
Sub-Boss - ZODIAC Ophiuchus Frame
Boss - Mother Brain Alltynex
Final Boss - Visitor from Qliphoth Satariel