The Darius Series is a series of horizontally-scrolling arcade shooter video games, released by Taito . When it started, its primary difference from other top first-generation scrolling shooters, such as R-Type, Thunder Force, and Gradius, was the ability to select different levels on the way to the final areas. The primary villains are mostly large fish or crustacean in form.

Plot and Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Darius chronicles the story of the people from Planet Darius, who is constantly under threat of being decimated by the Belsar Empire. While most games in the series have the Belsar as the enemy, a few titles like G-Darius feature different antagonists.

Players control the Silver Hawk in all games. In most games the player can pick powerup orbs which upgrade either the shots, bombs or shields by a small increment each time. Once you pick enough powerups of one type, that weapon will be permanently upgraded to the next level.

The first most recognizable feature of the series is the multiple monitor screen used on early titles, which makes for a very large horizontal playfield. Another distinguishable feature is the bosses. Every boss is a large robot shaped after marine animals, and whenever the player reaches it a klaxon plays, followed by the message "WARNING! A huge battleship -Boss Name- is approaching fast".

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