Shoot Em Up
Cho Aniki
Developer(s) NCS
Publisher(s) Masaya
Platform(s) PC-Engine CD
Release date(s) 1992
Genre(s) Horizontally scrolling shooter

Cho Aniki (超兄貴, Super Big Brother) is a horizontally-scrolling Shoot 'em Up released in 1992 for the PC-Engine CD by Masaya.


Botei, the unbeatable champion of the Intergalactic Bodybuilding Contest, have run dry on his protein supplies, so he decides to enslave various planets to set up factories of protein for his own use. In order to stop him, the Heavens send out his two champions, Idaten and Benten, who now must face Botei's Builder Army.


Players can choose between Idaten and Benten. One button is used for standard shots while the second button deploys screen-clearing bombs. By holding the shot button the character will build-up power, unleashing a powerful attack as the button is lifted. Another button changes player's speed to make dodging some obstacles easier (there are four speed settings with the default one being three). To add to the player's arsenal are helpers which act as options, protecting the player from damage. Whenever large enemies are defeated, they drop protein, which can be picked by either the player character or the options to power them up.

Each stage is divided into four segments, with a boss at the end of each (three minibosses are shown along with their names right before each stage while the main level boss remains a mystery until reached), for a total of six stages.


  • Idaten: The male hero. His charged shot is a straight beam of energy.
  • Benten: The female heroine. Her charged shot is a spread which covers most of her front.
  • Adon and Samson: Two buff bodybuilders in speedos who serve as options.
  • Uminin: A strange blue cardboard creature who also serves as a option.
  • Cherub: A small cherub and also an option.