Cho Aniki: Kyuukyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyou Otoko
Developer(s) Masaya
Publisher(s) (JP) Nippon Computer Systems
(JP) Extreme
(NA, EU) MonkeyPaw Games
Platform(s) PlayStation, Sega Saturn, PlayStation Network
Release date(s) PlayStation
(JP) December 29, 1995
(JP) August 30, 2001 (reprint)
Sega Saturn
(JP) March 29, 1996
PlayStation Network
(JP) March 11, 2009
(NA) September 20, 2010
(EU) October 5, 2011
Genre(s) Horizontal scrolling shooter
Media 1 Player

Cho Aniki - Kyuukyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyou Otoko (超兄貴 ~究極無敵銀河最強男~ Chō Aniki - Kyūkyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyō Otoko?, lit. "Super Big Brother - The Ultimate, Most Powerful Man in the Milky Way") was released for the PlayStation the same year as the previous two titles. This game features digitized sprites instead of the hand-drawn anime-style art from the other titles. It was released for the Sega Saturn three months later and the PlayStation Network in Japan in 2009. The subtitle of this game loosely translates to "The Ultimate, Most Strongest Man in the Milky Way" or "The Ultimate, Invincible, Most Galactically Powerful Man." The game is based on the engine of the first Cho Aniki. Idaten and Benten are again the main two characters. The game is often derided as having the worst play mechanics in the series. Even some of the most fervent fans of Cho Aniki claim that the campy fun is inhibited by poor control and impossible difficulty. Koji Hayama returned to score a few songs for the soundtrack, along with Don McCow, Taku Iwasaki and Sanae Kasahara.

Newly formed publisher MonkeyPaw Games released this game on September 21, 2010 in North America and on October 5, 2011 in Europe on the PlayStation Network.

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