Cosmic Monsters was a Space Invaders rip-off that barely strayed from the basic Space Invaders gameplay formula. It was made by Universal and was released in 1979. It supported both solitary play and two players alternating turns.



CM scoring table

Several dozen monsters, making up the usual Space Invaders-type formation, would march from side to side until they reached a screen edge, dropping a notch closer to the player and dropping bombs the entire time. The player had several bunkers to hide behind for protection and a high scoring flying saucer would appear overhead at times. Getting hit by a monster’s bomb would destroy the player’s laser base and the game would end when they had no more bases in reserve.

Aside from the monsters looking different (as well as the bunkers) from the original Space Invaders, the only few differences between the two games is that shooting the saucer had a higher sense of urgency this time around, as there was a bunker for it to hide inside once it appeared; if the player didn’t destroy it once it came out after taking refuge in the bunker, then it would explode and add an entire new row of monsters to the top of the formation.

Also, players did not receive an extra laser base until a score of at least 3,000 points, which is pretty high for most Space Invaders games, and the saucer was also worth way more as well, with it having a higher end value of 600-1000 points (versus 300 points max for the original Space Invaders saucer value).


  • Bottom row monsters: 10 points each
  • Middle row monsters: 20
  • Top row monsters: 30
  • Flying saucer: mystery amount


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