Crisis Force is a vertical shooter created by Konami in 1991? for the Famicom. The game brings about interesting mechanics and the typical Konami flair their games are known for. Crisis Force is only available in Japan, most likely because the game was released near the end of the NES/Famicom's lifetime. The game is also known for the impressive graphics, making full use of the Famicom's capabilities with claims it almost entering the 16-bit range. This is due to the cartridge having a custom chipset which allowed for better graphics. It is a rare game and has also been well received.



Crisis Force, like Salamander and Life Force, is two-player simultaneous. Each player has the same attributes save for different colors (Player 1 is Blue and Player 2 is Red).

The Aura Wing fighter is unique in that it is automatically equipped with three "forms", each with their own weapon and bomb type. In addition to this, there are also two weapon modes which will determine the way the weapon acts. In all, the player has 6 different weapons at their disposal. In addition to this, there are special items that upon accumulating 6 will transform the player(s) into a powerful, invincible Phoenix-like ship for a limited time starting at 99 seconds. During this mode, the player(s) are impervious to all damage but each hit subtracts a considerable amount of remaining time. Picking up additional transformation items will increase time by 10 to a max of 99. There are slight differences between the single and two-player modes.

Crisis Force's theme revolves around Egyptian mythology as many of the major enemies look like they are from ancient Egypt but are given a futuristic twist. Even the fighters have an ancient Egyptian theme to them, especially the Phoenix mode.

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