Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu is the fifth game in Cave's DonPachi series which was released in the Arcades on May 22, 2008.

Game playEdit

The Game has 3 different Fighters:

  • Do-NX-SF-25B Struggle Fighter "Deltasword" (red): fast movement, concentrated front shot formation.
  • Do-NX-AH-16B Assault Helicopter "Biaxe" (green): forward main shot, subshot follows player's direction.
  • Do-NX-FB-72D Fighting Bomber "Spearhead" (blue): slow movement, wide area shot formation.


This version includes the following changes:

  • 2 extra digits on the score counter.
  • Fixed item counter mismatch.
  • Added 1 more fighter type.
  • Standard auto bomb.
  • Adjusted game balance.


Following the trend of DeathSmiles, the back of the arcade game leaflet includes a template for finger twister game.

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