SPJ-15 Greif Edit


Lande nach Anweisung von Waffen! Ansonsten was schieße es!

(Lower your weapons or I'll shoot you down!)

Greif (translated to Gryphon) is the mini-boss of Stage 1, carrying a vulcan machine gun and a spreader in both arms. If both guns are destroyed, it will resort to a backup laser cannon, as seen in the cinematic. The hover bottom can be destroyed to send it plunging into the ground to get the third secret without destroying the head.

SPKB-03 Drache Edit


Dies ist eine Warnung! Entladen Sie alle Ihre Waffen!

(This is a warning! Discharge all your ammunition immediately!)

Drache (translated to Dragon) is the main boss of Stage 1, most notable for having a giant claw on the front of itself, it also fires out energy orbs and mines. If the claw is destroyed, it will turn 180° with the back facing the front for backup firepower with a laser gun, a spreader cannon, laser cannon, and rockets, if you got the third secret, which turns it from Camouflage-09 model to Artillery-08 Blue model.

SKP-04 Garnele Edit


Ich schicke dich zur Hölle! (I'll send you to hell!)

Stihl, du Feigling! (Die, you coward!)

Garnele (translated to Shrimp or Prawn, despite looking like a lobster) is a mini-boss of Stage 2, being probably the most agile machine in the entire game. It will constantly jump at you, spin around, shoot rockets and random shots. Shooting off one arm will make it malfunction.

PGZ/L-03 Spinne Edit


Kampf Formation D! (Combat Formation D!)

Alles fertig machen zum kampf der Klasse A! (Prepare for a Class A fight!)

Spinne (translated to Spider) is the main boss of Stage 2 and can be seen in the background at the start of it. It's a train carrier, which can detach from the load at will and switch into combat mode in a few seconds. It relies mainly on flamethrowers, rocket launchers, miniguns and small posse of ships.

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