Screencap from Arcade emulated version

Galaga is a Fixed Shooter released in 1981 by Namco. It is the sequel to Galaxian and is the second in the Galaga Series.

Galaga is an updated Galaxian and features new look and new abilities. The enemies now fly in, in a swarm like birds and like before come down and attack. The enemy can also capture the players ship. However the ship can come back after being defeated.

Gameplay Edit

Like other shoot them up games, Galaga is a game in which the character doesn't have much of a choice to move in direction. The player may only move from the left to the right. However, this changes in Galaga Legions. Galaga is played easily as long as the proper tactics and motional reactions are used correctly. Many small bugs (known as bees and butterflies or "mako" and "goei" ) fly from their place and fire upon your character. Other bigger bugs known as the Galaxian Commanders spring from their place trying to abduct the player. Once the player is abducted (or if the player is abducted) you can kill the enemy ship to get a dual ship. The dual ship is difficult to achieve for most Galaga players but can be selected at the beginning of Galaga '88.