Shoot Em Up

Hydorah is a horizontally scrolling shooter that was published on 03/06/2010 for Windows and has taken a lot of inspiration from many well known shumps including Gradius, R-Type, Space Manbow, and Enforcer to name a few. The creator who goes by Locomalito, emphasizes that the Hydorah has that "old school style" to it in both graphics and gameplay. The music and graphics were created by Gryzor87.

An updated re-release called Super Hydorah was released on September 20th, 2017 with help from Abylight Studios, adding new stages, secrets, bosses, music and a new difficulty mode.


From the manual

Everything began when a terrible ambush took us by surprise and destroyed our army, leaving no strike back option against the Meroptian Base. At this point, individual assault and combat planes was the only choice. The squadron members were ready for the impossible, but the worst was yet to come...


The stages are not completely linear in that there are two small branches that occur on the map, although ultimately the last stages are the same.

The stages are generally large and the player can scroll up and down them to some extent. Within the stages there are secret items that can be collected which if all are, something becomes unlocked.

Upon beating a stage, the player will earn a new weapon. Primary, Secondary, and Bomb weapons can be equipped at the beginning of each stage. As the player gathers weapon powerups, their current weapon that the icon is for (Primary, Secondary) will be upgraded to a max of 10 where the weapon will gain an added feature. There are also icons for speedup, shield, and additional bombs. There are five of each type of weapon, for a total of 15 overall.

Enemies come in many varieties from the standard fighters to huge semi-tank mechs to organic creatures. As noted before, the Hydorah is meant to give a challenging and memorable experience as the traditional shmup classics did.

The game has a bad and good endings. In order to get the good ending, you must destroy all Hydorah Seeds in certain stages. If you also 1cc the game, you will get a different ending, too.


  1. Outer Wall
  2. Cyclades
  3. Forgotten Lab (exclusive in Super Hydorah)
  4. Deep Space
  5. Rubinia
  6. Orbital Tree
  7. Dunarys
  8. Verminest
  9. Galactic Inferno
  10. Untulia
  11. Path Of Scylla
  12. Red Eden
  13. Storm Eye
  14. Besieged Moon (exclusive in Super Hydorah)
  15. Underground Base (exclusive in Super Hydorah)
  16. Silent Tomb (exclusive in Super Hydorah)
  17. Charybdis (exclusive in Super Hydorah)
  18. Moa-Urdz
  19. Black Gate
  20. No Mercy
  21. Meropticon


  1. Cyclop
  2. Saw Saucer, Tanker
  3. Lab Conga
  4. Guardian
  5. Rubikin
  6. White Dahlia
  7. Sand Worm
  8. Queen Verminia
  9. Megarollers
  10. Warcore
  11. Ice Driller
  12. Bone Fish
  13. Dark Base
  14. Little Guardian
  15. Moon/Mad Patrol
  16. Crane Spider
  17. Gravitron
  18. Charybdis
  19. Gas Core
  20. Laserion, Skull Eye/Cross Skull, Gunner, Marauder, Warhand, Romboids, Doppelganger
  21. Interceptor, Hydorah