Shoot Em Up

Karous (meaning "raven") is a video game by Milestone intended for the Sega NAOMI. A Dreamcast version was released in March 2007. The game is a Vertically Scrolling Shooter, that is a lot like Radilgy. This game is particular for its weird cell-shade graphics, just like in Radirgy but significantly darker contributing to an overall darkgothemo ambiance but still keeping the humour of its prequel.

Game play

The weapon system is based on Radio Allergy, but it uses an unique D.F.S. bomb system.

Bomb can be used when SP gauge is full. When bomb is activated, a barrier surrounds player, which can damage contacting enemies. At the duration of bomb activation, player is invulnerable. Enemy destroyed by barrier provides more experience to player.

Player's shot, sword, shield can be upgraded by using experience item dropped from enemies, with maximum of 100 levels. Weapon levels also act as score multipliers.

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