R-Type Leo
R-Type Leo is an Arcade game created by Irem in 1992. The game is part of the R-Type series but is different in style compared to the rest of the games. Due to this, several see R-Type Leo as the black sheep of the series and being very distant from the line. Nonetheless, R-Type Leo is a unique change in R-Type and brings in a fresh idea.


Humanity and the Bydo Empire have found peace and stability after much conflict. With this newfound peace, humanity continues to set up Project Paradise, which is the creation of a new planet, called Eden, for human use. Major, the bio-computer responsible for the operation of Eden, takes control over the defense systems and attacks humanity. Two R-9 Leos are then deployed to destroy Major.


At the basics, R-Type Leo is just like the rest of the series in that you destroy the enemy ships using powerful weapons and pods that protect the fighter from destruction. Careful use of the pods will ensure your victory. The differences come in how all this is accomplished.

In R-Type Leo, the Bydo are nowhere to be found but are suspected of causing the problem. Also, the Force unit does not exist instead being replaced by heavily modified Bits known later as the Psy Bits. To learn more about the Leo, see R-9 Leo.

This means that all of the defenses and attacks come from the top and bottom of the player instead of the front and rear. Also, the Leo is not equipped with a Wave Cannon. As compensation, the Bits are able to execute an attack that homes in on any target for a short period of time before it slowly floats back towards the Leo, provided they aren't recalled.

The levels are challenging at times as the scenery will change, making the path non-linear and adding obstacles. As with standard R-Type structure, later levels will become more organic with the last boss being a hybrid.


  • Stage 1: Paradise Planet
  • Stage 2: Red Hot Desert
  • Stage 3: Tropical Forest
  • Stage 4: Floating Continent
  • Stage 5: Inside of Ruins
  • Stage 6: Core of the Planet
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