Solaria is a vertical shooter for the VS MAXX 50 in 1 system. It is most notorious for being a blatant rip of Recca, using similar graphics, weapons, and style.

Differences from ReccaEdit

The following are aspects that are different from Recca.

  • Different enemy graphics and styles and slightly different ship sprite.
  • Different backgrounds.
  • There are only four bosses, one per stage. None of them are related to any Recca boss.
  • Weapons are the same, however the icon for each is different. For example, B is homing instead of H. There are no pods though.
  • Solaria is not as manic as Recca.
  • The music is completely different, very happy sounding.
  • At the start of every stage, you lose your weapons.
  • The ending has a graphic picture of Rick and Max from Macross.


This clone is so famous that it was put into another system, the NTRO 2, and renamed as Star Ally. It is possible that the two systems are from the same company.