Soldier Force is a vertical shooter for the Computer, made in 2006 by Studio Siesta, known for Air Rade and Trouble Witches. It is a remake of Star Soldier with enhanced graphics and four playable ships from other games in the Soldier series. All of the secrets from Star Soldier are included as well as some additional ones.


Soldier Force plays almost exactly like Star Soldier but has some additional aspects, most notable is the Soldier Trip gauge at the bottom of the screen. As more enemies are destroyed, the gauge fills saying MAX when full. If activated when at full weapon strength, the enemies will release score orbs that home in on the ship, making it easier to add more points. However, if the gauge is activated when weapons are not at full, the ship instantly gets full weapon strength. This can lead to interesting strategies and is useful during heavy fire to prevent death.


There are four ships available, two being unlocked after getting an upgrade from Studio Siesta's site.

  • Ceasar - This is the original Star Soldier ship that can upgrade it's weapons to fire in five directions.
  • Noah - This is the ship from Hector 87' and has the ability to bend it's weapon fire up to 75 degrees left and right, allowing it to hit targets along the side. It does not shoot as fast as the Ceasar.
  • Final Star SS - This is the ship from Star Force and has the ability to split the ship in two, with the price of having half as much power between the pieces and slower movement. The small ship will jut out left or right about 1/2 a screen length. This tactic can be useful in attacking Star Brains at a distance.
  • Golden Humming - This is perhaps a replica of the Super Star Soldier ship and is basically an upgraded Ceasar. It's weapon is small lasers that can drill through targets and also shoots five ways at max power.


Like other games in the Soldier series, this one has 2 and 5 minute Caravan modes. It also allows recorded sessions of play, both for the Caravans and the main game. After beating the original mode, Nightmare mode is unlocked that continues to stages 17-32. These stages are much more difficult than the original stages and have a more organic look. The music is also different, being remakes of various Soldier series games. Beating Nightmare mode unlocks the Laser weapon, which acts the same as the Star Soldier version and is usable by any ship. There is another weapon unlockable, the 8 way shot from Gunhed, but there is no information on how to get it currently.


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