Star Force is a Vertically Scrolling Shooter released for the Arcade in 1985 and ported to several systems, including the NES. It is the first game in the Soldier series. This is also the predecessor of Super Star Force and Final Star Force, which is more in the vein of Guardian Legend. Both of these were made by Tecmo without the backing of Hudson Soft.


Star Force is a very basic game, where the player flies around and destroys enemies. Occasionally, there are spots that can be shot that release a powerup that when picked up, allows for rapid fire. There are also b and B spots that can be shot for bonus points. At the end of each area is an Alpha base represented by a letter of the alphabet. Each stage gets progressively harder.


Star Force was ported to several systems: the NES, Sega SG-1000, MSX, X68000, and XBox in addition to fan-made games. One such example is Rick and Val, which is a drastic remake with some gameplay additions. The ship is featured in Soldier Force, a remake of Star Soldier.