Super EDF is a ported remake of EDF for the SNES. The game is generally the same as the original but it has some differences that enhance the game. The most prominent example are enhanced graphics, new weapons, and no second player.


Super EDF has the following changes compared to the original:

  • The XA-1 has access to four additional weapons.
  • There is only one player instead of two.
  • There are limited credits (or lives) with no chance to get more, 3 is the max.
  • If you die, you restart the stage instead of continuing from the point of death. As a result, the screen clearing lightning field is also gone.
  • Stages 3 and 5 from the original are gone.
  • Stage 4 is the new Stage 3, with a cave background somewhat like the Arcade Stage 3.
  • There are two new stages (4 and 5) that replace the original Stages 3 and 5. Both take place in space. One is a colony under attack and the other is traveling towards and eventually entering the Moon.
  • The big ship from stage 2 is gone.
  • The Phoenix mini-boss before the final boss has been replaced with a giant sentry.
  • There is an additional final boss. A giant turtle-like head that has 3 "phases", each involving shooting projectiles at rapid speed or in difficult formations.
  • The ending has the XA-1 floating in space eventually picked up by several XA-2s.