Tate Mode is a feature offered in many vertical shoot-em-ups that flips the screen 90 degrees to either the left or right. This allows the player to tilt their television/monitor and play the game with a longer vertical display. Tate mode first gained traction during the 5th generation of console games.

Shoot-em-up Games with Tate Mode Edit

Atari Lynx Edit

Microsoft Xbox Edit

Microsoft Xbox 360 Edit

Microsoft Xbox One Edit

Nintendo GameCube Edit

Nintendo Switch Edit

Nintendo Wii Edit

Nintendo Wii U Edit

PC Edit

  • Arcade Game Series: Galaga
  • AWA
  • Blue Revolver
  • Bullet Soul
  • Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst
  • Castle of Shikigami
  • Crimzon Clover: World Ignition
  • Danmaku Unlimited 2
  • Danmaku Unlimited 3
  • Deltazeal
  • DoDonPachi Resurrection
  • Eschatos
  • Exzeal
  • Fire Arrow Plus
  • Game Tengoku CruisnMix Special
  • Ghost Blade HD
  • Groove Coaster
  • Ikaruga
  • Judgment Silversword Resurrection
  • Kamui
  • Metis One
  • Mushihime-sama
  • Psyvariar Delta
  • Raiden Legacy
  • Raiden III
  • Raiden IV: Overkill
  • Shmup Skills Test
  • Space Moth DX
  • Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection
  • Trizeal Remix
  • Vector Strain
  • Wolflame (Only supports one way rotation)
  • XIIZeal
  • Zenodyne R
  • Zenohell
  • ZeroRanger

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Sharp X68000 Edit

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