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Xexex is an Arcade game released in 1991 by Konami. The game is a nice break from the Gradius series and further shows off the potential of Konami. Xexex showcases much graphical prowess and is highly regarded as being one of Konami's gems. Xexex was also noted for not having but deserving a console port, but this changed when it was included in the Salamander Portable compilation pack for the PSP. It is also noted for the player's ship, the Flintlock, which feels almost like a souped up R-9 due to the Flint pod and it's wide variety of weapons available. Hamster Corporation announced during the Tokyo Game Show Awards 2021 that Xexex would finally be receiving another home console port after more than a decade as part of the Arcade Archives series on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.


As soon as a credit is registered, the following message appears:

Please help our planet. I am Elaine of the planet E-Square.

In the days when man made it possible to easily travel between planets, the Earth received an urgent message from planet E-Square.

Round about the same time, people discovered a mysterious force.

What happened to the planet E-Square? What is the mysterious force called Flint for?

To solve the mystery, people developed a new space battleship, Flintlock and soon blasted off.


Xexex plays almost like R-Type in the sense that you have many enemies attempting to destroy you and you need to properly use the Flint in order to survive. The Flint is not like the Force though as you cannot connect it to the rear of the Flintlock. Instead, upon releasing it, the Flint will slowly home in on the closest enemy and attempt to connect to it upon which the enemy will be damaged. The Flint will also unleash its tendrils, which will block enemy fire.

Powerups can be picked up which will change the main weapon, upgrade the Flint, or increase speed. The proper weapon at a given point will ensure the journey is easier. The player has several lives but can only get hit once before exploding into pieces. After every stage, there is a short cutscene that further explains the plot. Some of the later stages are large, requiring the screen to scroll up/down in order to get the full scope.


  • Stage 1: Planet Zuvgear
  • Stage 2: Planet Dis
  • Stage 3: Planet Laeau Laile
  • Stage 4: Planet Artere Coeur
  • Stage 5: Planet Logines
  • Stage 6: Warp
  • Stage 7: Planet Pachel Bell II
  • Stage 8: Planet E-Square

International Version Differences

The International version of Xexex is vastly different from the original Japanese version. There are several changes to this version that make the game feel unique compared to the original. These changes are listed below.

  • The Flint is blue in the International version.
  • The weapon system has been changed completely. There are only two available weapons: a spread shot which looks similar to the Round Laser, and homing missiles (not available in the Japanese version). Both are upgradable.
  • Some of the enemy patterns and bosses have been modified. The stage 6 boss is now two satellites as opposed to one, for example.
  • The ship now has an energy bar as opposed to being a one-hit wonder, with the hidden "Xexex" items now refilling a portion of your life. However, there are no lives so one bar is one credit.
  • The Flint can't be dropped in front of you in the International version. It can only be launched forward, regardless if you have a charged shot or not.
  • Upon continuing, the player starts where they died instead of going back to a checkpoint.
  • The game is now two player simultaneous. The 2nd player ship looks different compared to the 1st player.
  • The stage intros note different stage names instead of just saying "Charge the enemy".
  • All text is in English as opposed to just the ship stats screens. The voices are all still in Japanese though.
  • There is no rapid fire in the International version.
  • The continue screen gives you 20 seconds in the International version in comparison to the Japanese version, which only gives 10 seconds.
  • The name entry screen doesn't let you enter your gender and Chinese zodiac sign. In fact, the temple screen isn’t present in the International version at all.
    • Additionally, the name entry screen is also limited to letters only in the International version.
  • In North America exclusively, the game was retitled as Orius. The hidden "Xexex" items still use the orginal name, oddly though.


In another Konami game, Ganbare Goemon 2, a minigame of stage 2 can be played for 100 gold, similar to how Gradius could be played in Legend of the Mystical Ninja.

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